We established the fact a few months ago that BeatKing is celebrated just as much in his home state than he is across the pond in England. England, after all is the home of the original Twerk Championships (why BeatKing wasn’t a judge is beyond me).

So, Southern Hospitality, a UK based blog that seems to indulge in about as much party rap as your local PV party decided to surprise the world with a brand new BeatKing mixtape composed of nothing but freestyles from BeatKing’s career, majority of them being as topical and in the moment as possible. There’s the “Bus Driver Uppercut”, “Amber Cole”, “TSU Sextape”, “PV Pond Girl” and a litany of others that pretty much zero in on the theory that BK really doesn’t even have to go outside of his comfort zone or Twitter for that matter in order to conjure up a crass, enjoyable hit record.

[Southern Hospitality]