Who knew Slick Talk would be the first member of the LOEGz to run out with a solo project after their current uprise? deathbeDreams comes at a rather unique point in the career of the Gz, owners of all their material and comfortable enough in their careers that they can now sling their hardened mix of conscious street tales on iTunes and Amazon and Slick’s wordplay and punchlines involve themselves in a rather beautiful relationship with Dingus’ ethereal production. There’s a looming sense of darkness not only in Slick’s words but in Dingus’ board work as well.

There’s a balance in what Slick pulls off here, not digging all the way into horrorcore but peeling back layers of thought in regards to life and freedom. He’s a veteran of war, having served tours in Iraq, Afghanistan and in a street sense, Texas and his verses on the 9-track EP reflect that. The only moments of fear you get to hear musically in the streets involve loud drums that only invite the worst in us, not the best. 808s, slammers, anything to invoke menace and terror are all in play here and Slick, ever the microphone punchline and wordplay assassin keeps up his own mantra of being a rapping ass rapper throughout. Stream the full project below before grabbing it on iTunes & Amazon.