Last night if you paid any real attention to the NBA All-Star Game, then you heard the organist playing a high number of rap songs with enough proficiency and skill that it felt like another part of the show. Part game, part rap concert. Do we know how that organist gets down at church functions? Who knows but if he’s there I may show up every Sunday just to see what he pulls out next.

That man, is Sir Foster — the keyboardist for the Atlanta Hawks during their home games and last night the man was on fire. “PSA”, “Lemonade”, “Southernplayalisticcadillacmuzik”, “Still Fly”, “Ms. Jackson”, all of these well known rap tracks got dropped within a moments notice and the viewing audience at home thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

When he spoke to SB Nation’s Atlanta Hawks blog Peachtree Hoops about his gig with the squad he said, “It never happens the same way twice. Sometimes I’ll listen to the radio on the way to a game to get some ideas, but most of the time I decide what I’ll play when I get to the arena. I try to approach the game as if it were a Broadway play and I am the orchestra scoring the action. Letting the mood of the game dictate what I play allows the music to always be timely, and it allows me to really accentuate what’s happening on the floor.”

Foster was even taking requests in the middle of the game!

You see folks? THAT is how you steal a show. For better context, scan through a Spotify playlist of some of the tracks Foster played last night.