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Chances are, if you’re on the up and up of the Houston arts and culture scene, then you’re very much aware of the SCOPEShow. But you may not be as knowledgeable of Reaching Your Dreams. The Houston-based collective, who operate under the mantra and mindset that “the sky is NOT the limit,” has devoted themselves to spreading the word about emerging talent in the visual and musical arts, and providing an outlet for “innovative and forward-thinking individuals to express themselves.”

One such outlet is their upcoming “Don’t Wake Me Up 2: Bridging the Gap” concert and art showcase, headed our way this week. Combining Reaching Your Dreams’ penchant for cooperative progress – as they’re hosting their event in conjunction with Dinero’s Closet,, and local artist Airo$sol Abstrakt – with its mission of spotlighting local talent, Don’t Wake Me Up 2 looks to be Reaching Your Dreams’ formal introduction of themselves to the city.

But it’s not just about them. Local music acts Tone Me$tari, My’Key Iso, Danny Watts, and more are slated to perform, with OneHunnidt cited as a special guest amongst “others,” and you can bet Reaching Your Dreams has a a surprise appearance or two up its sleeves. On the artwork side, meanwhile, Samo Dinero of Dinero’s Closet and Airo$ol Abstrakt will be on hand displaying their visual art. Oh, not to mention Day & A Dream’s own Brad Gilmore will be on the mic throughout the night handling hosting duties.

Pre-sale tickets to Don’t Wake Me Up 2 are available now at, for the low, low price of $5; although you’ll be able to purchase them at the door as well for $5 more. Don’t Wake Me Up 2 goes down Friday, February 21, at Houston’s Chymistry Bar & Lounge, located at 1002 Almeda-Genoa St. Doors open at 8 PM, with performances slated to begin starting at 9.

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