While most of you were getting your love on yesterday, plenty of your favorite rappers and singers were dropping off FreEPs and love-related releases in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. We’ve already highlighted Curren$y’s The Drive-In Theater and the fact that De La Soul set free their entire catalog for public consumption for the low, low price of an email registration, but there were a wealth of other drops as well, mostly from R&B singers.

Ne-Yo, JoJo, and even Mya (!!) produced fresh sounds for the Lovers’ Holiday. Check below to get a full run-down of what you may have missed dropping on Valentine’s Day.

Ne-Yo: 3 Simple Rules EP

Ne-Yo - 3 Simple Rules_cover

It’s been almost two years since Ne-Yo dropped an LP, but he was kind enough to provide us all with instructions in love, or at least, how to be a good lover, on his FreEP 3 Simple Rules. Consisting of four tracks, there’s plenty of smooth listens abound, the old-school sounding “New Love,” to the should-have-been-a-single “Bigger Than This,” to the leave it in playlist slow burning “Gotchu Right.” Stream and download the EP down below.

JoJo – The #LoveJo EP

JoJo - #LoveJo_cover

JoJo is clearly enjoying her new-found “freedom” from her old label and her fresh start. So much so, that she’s given away yet another solid EP for our listening pleasure, The #LoveJo EP. The slightly play on “Love Jones” is surely not on purpose, as JoJo covers three classic tracks in the spirit of love – though sadly, there’s nothing as teasingly sexy as Jo’s “Demonstrate” number a minute back (her slightly sensual cover of Phil Collins’s “Take Me Home” comes close, though). If you ever had any doubt that the voice may have fallen off, let JoJo’s version of Anita Baker’s “Rapture” remind you of how powerful the girl’s vocals can get. Stream and download the EP for the free below.

Mya – With Love, Mya EP

Mya - With Love, Mya_cover

I’m not making this up. Mya indeed re-surfaced for Valentine’s Day, dropping off four original new songs on a new EP, With Love, Mya. It’s not a freebie like most of the Valentine’s Day releases, but With Love is full of heavyweights. Setting a tone from its sultry intro “Space” and never letting you go until the end, it’s quality R&B at its finest. Cop it off iTunes and insert it into your rotation ASAP.

Skyzoo – Tomorrow Morning EP

Skyzoo - Tomorrow Morning_cover

The most hip-hop of all the V-Day releases, Skyzoo’s Tomorrow Morning EP still covers mostly romantic subject matter. Three tracks deep, the EP displays ‘Zoo’s always quality storytelling and flow. It doesn’t hurt that he summons Donna Summer’s “Supernatural Love” for “Truthfully,” and that beat on “Her, The Heroine” is KILLER. But who is this gorgeous cover-girl, though??

DJ MoonDawg – Grab Them Heels (f. John Blu, Lil’ Durk)

DJ MoonDawg - Grab Them Heels (f. John Blu, Lil' Durk)

You may have never heard of DJ MoonDawg prior to today, but the music maker has a project in the works for later this year, and he opted to release one of the more slow-burning cuts from the album, “Grab Them Heels” featuring John Blu and Lil’ Durk, on Valentine’s Day. Smooth and seductive, “Grab Them Heels” is post-V-Day-creeping-approved and available now on iTunes.