Last year, the NBA’s All-Star Weekend came to Houston. You remember the shenanigans, the Galleria looking like a hub for all things foul, ratchet and curious and plenty of women who you had never seen in your life but had come solely for one thing – a chance to land on a season of Basketball Wives the parties. Naturally with the event travelling some six hours down the road to New Orleans, the same kind of rules apply. Wives are ditching Valentine’s Day to hang with their girlfriends, men are going to the Jumpman Take Flight event and some are actually going for the official NBA events to take place at the Smoothie King Center.

But for those looking to chase a little vice and fun (hey, it is New Orleans), let this mini-guide provided to us by our homie away from home in Cherrell Rene lead your way. Of course, there are far more parties that you can shake a wad of money at but we’ll let you discover those when you get to N’awlins.

But those parties won’t all be hosted by Kaylin Garcia, Mizz DR & Miracle Watts, so take that into consideration.

Okay, Rick Ross parites could invite anything. Tigers, bears, its own Mardi Gras float even if Fat Tuesday isn’t until next week, those kinds of things. Is it a mandatory thing to attend a Rick Ross party? Possibly. I mean, knowing how these events go he might have to sit next to Terrio and the universe could cave in on itself with Rick Ross circa 1986 sitting next to Rick Ross now.

Allow me to be disrespectful for a second. WOMEN ALERT. WOMEN ALERT. WOMEN ALERT. Look, we don’t really care that T.I. might be going through it at home, he’s going to party and as life has shown us, small guys with a hint of personality and a load of confidence somehow get to win at life and do things most tall people get to do. It’s science. Add to the fact you’ve got two small people with he and Miguel who pretty much could wring your girl out of her panties with a note or letting a drawl loose? Trust me, the women to men ratio here will be 8-to-1.


A few things are happening here. One, there will be celebrations for The New Orleans South Africa Connection, Inc. (, The Roots Of Music ( & the Angels By Nature launch of ( Two, Elle Varner is attending said brunch along with Keyshia Cole and Lil Duval is the host. Just focus on the first part of that sentence and start thinking about starring into her eyes over mimosas.

It’s Memphis. It’s Yo Gotti. It’s New Orleans. Let it be known that we’re probably getting a ton of things in white after the game. You might be All-Star hungover at this point but hey, you can at least say you survived one in New Orleans.