De La Soul’s idea of love is giving. Well, that could be anybody’s real idea of love but when it comes to Pos, Maseo & Trugoy the only idea of love here is giving something fans both old and new will enjoy. Starting at 10 AM today and ending at 10 AM tomorrow, you now have the opportunity to download every De La Soul album ever recorded — for free.

To get every album from 3 Feet High Is Rising to De La Soul Is Dead and every oddball sample, classic track and bridge between the origins of A Tribe Called Quest, the Native Tongues and every clear tried and true “conscious” rapper of the late ’90s & ’00s, visit Is the name pretty appropriate all things considered? Yes, and it’s more of an extended hand to a younger audience who may look at you crazy when you tell them three dudes who literally followed their own lane for 25 years are revered as one of the greatest group’s in the genre’s history.

The release of the new material isn’t the only great De La news. An EP titled Preemium Soul On The Rocks is set to land, ahead of their first proper LP in over a decade. Blame a constant touring schedule and the ability to be themselves be the cause of that. So, download every tape you wish today, then grab the EP when it lands and finally come back around for the gloriously titled You’re Welcome.

Got it?