Spit Vicious is a man of the people. Always has been. So when he decides to enjoy conversation about good living, weed, women, sneakers and cars with the likes of Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, B-Real & Le$ for his first project of 2014, you go ahead and tip your hat to him and immediately begin to dive in. You also scan over the producers who join Spitta on his time at the drive in with Thelonius Martin, Cardo, Nesby Phips & more providing the score.

If we’re to be in any form or fashion critical of Spitta, it’s that we’ve been spoiled by his raps for the better part of nearly seven years straight without as much as a hiccup. So finding the best Spitta tape ever might be some trouble. Let The Drive-In Theatre be another moment of Curren$y greatness.