Tyler Ennis - Syracuse_three

If March may be considered the month of college basketball’s “madness,” then February might as well be called the sport’s month of “fun.” We’re only thirteen days into the month, but already, it’s produced some of the most memorable big finishes and clutch plays of the 2013-2014 season. One of the bigger running stories in men’s college basketball this season remains the “battle” of sorts between the Syracuse Orangemen and the Wichita State Shockers to see which team’s record will remain unblemished heading into the tourney. Last night, Syracuse almost got that “1” added to their L column, but then a miracle happened.

While freshman hype in general has been reserved for mostly Andrew Wiggins out at Kansas and Jabari Parker at Duke, there’s another freshman who deserves your hype and attention: Syracuse guard Tyler “Ice Water” Ennis. Ennis’s spectacular play has been a good reason why ‘Cuse has remained undefeated thus far, and last night during the Orangemen’s game against the Pitt Panthers, he became the main reason.

Pittsburgh took a late lead at home over ‘Cuse in the game’s waning seconds, and with only 4.4 seconds left, the score was 56-55 and the Orangemen needed to do something desperate AND still needed to get to the other side of the court in time to make a play. Ennis freed himself up for the inbounds pass, dribbled furiously past defenders, and threw the ball up from deep downtown with 1.4 seconds left on the clock… a shot that was nothing but net.

All that was missing from the moment was the announcer from NBA Jam shouting out, “Time running out, throws up a prayer… IT’S GOOD!”