Theophilus London - Lovers Holiday II_cover

Valentine’s Day is mere hours away, and we’ll apparently have quite a bit of music headed our way on the lovers’ day. Rather than waiting to drop his on V-Day with the rest of the musical masses, Theophilus London has released his Lovers Holiday II FreEP in advance, just in time for those of us who may have started early.

Four tracks in length – technically six, if you’re counting the preview snippet of “Do Girls” that London includes, whose full version will likely live on Theophilus’s upcoming LP Dimensions coming later this year – Lovers Holiday II is packed with smooth grooves. There’s a cover of Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 Experience Pt. I bonus track, “Dress On,” for starters; the island-flavored “Figure It Out” featuring Blood Orange, Leon Ware, and the Force MDs. Oh, and “Based God” is all but missing Lil’ B ad-libs alongside London’s bars.

But for all the good listening London packs into Lovers Holiday II, one can’t help but feel as Theophilus kind of left us hanging with these song snippets. The previews sound almost like teases, especially the clearly Michael Jackson-inspired “Do Girls.” We need THAT one sooner than later.

Stream and download Theophilus London’s Lovers Holiday II EP for the free down below.