K-Young - Lay You Down_cover

A day and a half. That’s all that stands between us and Valentine’s Day. There’s room for a few miracles to happen in the next 36 hours if you’re still single – especially if you decide to swing through select events going down in the H this upcoming V-Day weekend – but for those of you who already have your cuff secured and are searching for late additions to the Valentine’s playlist, K-Young’s coming off the bench to be your February 14th swingman.

The songwriter and member of Crooked I’s Treacherous C.O.B. (Circle of Bosses) camp has been quietly at work crafting his newest EP, Lay You Down, and strategically timed the R&B project’s release for yesterday. But make no mistake – the only thing “treacherous” about Lay You Down is the way the singer/songwriter snuck this project up on us like a three-pointer from downtown on the game’s final play as the clock’s running down.

With production by Brandon Csupo, Nissan Stewart, Magic Ink, and more, and features from Lil’ Al B and One-2, Lay You Down is a great first impression for listeners new to K-Young, and a greater reminder of his talent to those already familiar with the singer. K-Young clearly made sure to choose stripped-down instrumentals that allow his voice to shine as brightly as possible. Hence why songs like “God Must’ve Sent You” will almost certainly be a favorite for the ladies by showing off Young’s high-note-homicide and vocal runs. The singer fills each of the EP’s seven songs with emotion, whether it’s infatuation, regret, or romance (on the EP’s slow-dance-worthy “bonus” title track).

K-Young - Lay You Down_tracklist

Lay You Down is definitely for the lovers only, although the more jaded and slightly faded off of bitterness amongst us will certainly find solace (or a reason to reach for the brown liquor) in tracks like “Karma” and “The One That Got Away.”

Stream K-Young’s Lay You Down EP in full down below; and if you want that K-Young lob to seal the deal and slam it home- err, deliver the goods in the name of love, you can cop the project right here.