Since its inception last year, SCOPE Show has continously attempted to blaze a trail in Houston to achieve something different. To be something more, something you can’t outrightly categorize as a concert event or even a fashion show or even an art expo. It’s kind of a fluid combination of the three and its turned into its own hulking beast. The third edition, set to take place March 2nd is set to break down even more walls by announcing an Unplugged series to be held inside the SCOPE Lounge and highlighting three of the more buzzworthy rappers in Houston in Doughbeezy, Propain & Roosh Williams.

The three of them who’ve accumulated countless honors, accolades, acclaim and cult followings have never shared one single bill, until now. Along with Suraiye Miles & AutoBox Live, a little dash of rap and bravado will be mixed with a bit of jazzed out soul. For more information, visit the official SCOPE website

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