Kelis must have hopped into the DeLorean and traveled back in time to 1975.

At least, that’s what it sounds like on “Rumble,” the newest single from the songstress’s upcoming Food album. With Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio on the boards providing an old-school sound via a soul-stirring guitar, drums, and the dramatic thuds of a piano – and funky horns and a trumpet towards the outro at the 2:17 mark – Kelis’s whispery voice displays conflicting emotions on the track. “So keep on walking out the door,” Kelis sings almost daringly on “Rumble’s” bridge. But then, not a moment later, she doubles back and her taunt becomes a plea: “I know I said ‘leave’ – but no, baby, don’t go!” As if you needed a break up to make up anthem with Valentine’s Day all but creeping up in the days to come.

Kelis’s Food album lands on April 22.