J Rocc Dilla Remixes

As far as Black History Month presents go, this might be one of the best ones ever.

Music producer and DJ J Rocc, of the World Famous Beat Junkies production camp, was a good friend of the belated J. Dilla. Since the beatmaker’s untimely passing on this day in 2006, J Rocc has annually dropped a tribute mix of sorts in honor of his fallen friend. Today, however, it looks like J Rocc has outdone himself. The producer opted to mix J. Dilla beats over popular Michael Jackson songs, with the end result being “Dil Jackson.”

Thus, how we got treated to the two songs below. It’s hard to say which is the better of these – the “Beat It (Re-Rub)” which adds tinkling keys and a thudding bass that calls to mind Michael’s sister Janet’s earlier sounds and turns the song from a fight anthem to a smooth lounge style cut; or J Rocc’s addition of chimes to give a world-music feel to “Another Part of Me.” But for sure, it’ll definitely have you wondering (or wishing) that MJ and J. Dilla had somehow gotten to work together before either of the legends passed.

Rest in power, James Dewitt Yancey.

**Also, as a bonus, J Rocc also flipped MJ’s “Butterflies” and “The Way You Make Me Feel” a few years back on his Share My Bed project. You can enjoy those two down below as well.