Oh Nike, you just don’t play fair.

A day after releasing the Nike SB Dunks “Tiffanys”, one of the more sought after Dunk releases ever, the Nike Store sent the sneaker community into a frenzy Sunday afternoon by tweeting a simple link: The Nike Air Yeezy II is now available.

Yes, the mythical “Red Octobers” of Kanye West’s last signature shoe for the company dropped and barely anyone was prepared for it. Naturally, the Nike website says the shoe is out of stock but for those who waited through almost five months of hype just for the shoe, a wave of disappointment had to have set in. In terms of looks, the shoe’s all red hues is eye catching and there have been similar mockups by Adidas and other shoe companies, a Nike Air Tech Challenge II inspired outsole, a padded collar and tailored tongue which hugs the foot and more. Even if you were lucky, did the hype make you buy the Air Yeezy II or no?