If you planned on throwing a Welcome Home Boosie party next Friday, you may want to pump the brakes. According to Jeff Weiss, the Baton Rouge rapper won’t be seeing the light of day next Thursday night due to a few more snags in his release process — including a cancelled parole hearing.

Per Weiss, “A parole board hearing was scheduled for Boosie next week but was canceled, because it didn’t make sense considering his release is so soon. Boosie still has to finish up some classes & then his release date will be officially re-calculated — tentatively, he’ll be home in March.”

Why is Weiss’ word a bit more bond than others? He’s one of the few journalists whose been allowed to actually speak to Boosie or with Angola officials since his incarceration. Their initial conversations and reporting landed in a profile on the rapper which ran in Rolling Stone in May 2012.

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