For the first time since the 1988 Slam Dunk Contest, three All-Stars will be competing in the league’s marquee Saturday night event during All-Star Weekend. The roster for the 2014 Slam Dunk Contest was released earlier today and the lineup actually looks intriguing. Paul George (who was robbed in 2011) will join John Wall, Damian Lillard, defending Slam Dunk Champion Terrence Ross, Ben McLemore & Harrison Barnes in the field this year in New Orleans. Do you get LeBron finally entering or Blake Griffin to finally defend that title he won in 2011? No but you damn sure get the best dunk class since possibly 2000.

Let’s handicap this field. One, Paul George might be the odds on favorite to win. Mainly because he competed in the contest a couple of years ago and threw down a glow-in-the-dark reverse 360. Yes, you heard that right. Two, he’s the current owner of the one man dunk of the year with his reverse 360 against the Clippers earlier this year.

Terrence Ross is your defending champion and look — he dunked on Kenneth Faried something vicious last weekend. Also, he didn’t do too damn bad last year either, even if the finish was a bit on the weak side in the eyes of some. Second most odds to win.

John Wall has insane hops. He’s pulled off a 360 before in-game and could care less about trying to get shown up by somebody bigger than him. Him versus Greg Monroe is the main subplot going into any Wizards/Pistons game, which if you’ve been following the NBA like a diehard this year (like me) you’ll know its essentially two teams battling for playoff position in the East. Sleeper!

Harrison Barnes might be your stereotypical dunker, lot of hops and power but no one is sure about his creativity. Unless you throw a Russian in front of him to dunk on as he did last year.

Do I have any clue what Ben McLemore & Damian Lillard have up their sleeves for the contest? Not exactly. I mean, McLemore might be doing things out in Sac-Town but there’s no telling if he’s even recovered from when LeBron put him on a poster earlier this season. And Dame Lillard might be out of gas considering he’s competing in all FIVE skills competitions on that Saturday. Let’s only hope Adam Silver doesn’t add some form of chicanary to throw all of this off. The teams thing is enough.