Zimmerman Trial Enters Jury Deliberation Phase

There’s a perverted aura around whatever happens to George Zimmerman.

It’s sickening in a sense because the man who was not convicted of a crime he admitted to committing is now parading himself around as a circus act for publicity and fame. There’s nothing about justice here for the Martin family as throughout the course of this public trial of their son’s life and actions – they’ve yet to actual have a chance to grieve over him.

Instead, the Martin family has watched the image of their son, whether he smoked weed or got suspended from school or made the honor roll or not get dragged and tarred and feathered to create an image of him being a danger to a man who outweighed him and then shot him. Their idea of Trayvon Martin may steadfast be the one of son, a black man growing up and given the chance to make mistakes and also succeed. But sadly that idea is also soaked with idiotic rhetoric from Zimmerman defenders and those who found the teenager guilty even in his own death.

Today would have been Martin’s 19th birthday and Zimmerman’s agenda, one that now wants him to participate in celebrity boxing has split people across multiple lines due to our nature of shining light upon areas of the world that simply deserve to dwell in eternal darkness. Zimmerman has been on the record as saying he wanted to fight Kanye West because he attacks the defenseless, that The Game would be a ready candidate to fight Zimmerman for our honor in some weird point to prove battle that belongs more on Calvin Candie’s make believed Candieland than in our public spectrum.

All of this, started over a fight.

And now, Zimmerman apparently gets his wish – a fight with a man who’s chemically imbalanced and known for his rage not only in the public but in regards to music. That man is DMX, according to TMZ and as an X fan, I’m no more saddened by his involvement than the entire thought process of letting Zimmerman get away with this. Our nature as humans to poke and pry and wonder what certain detestable people are up to have relegated us to nothing more than voyeurs and for once, I’m sincerely asking us as a people to give not an increment of land or country to anything Zimmerman does.

The man wants an audience solely from killing a 17-year old boy and not going to jail for it.

Does it make me hypocritical for even penning this, since I’m giving him more of an audience and attention? In a way, yes – but the initial charge has to be made in order for us as a whole to let go. I want to shame DMX for even participating in this because there will be no real winners in this “fight”, not even in the physical sense. Zimmerman has been training in MMA among other disciplines and X is not in his Ruff Ryder Workout Tape glory.

Last I remember watching one of rap’s kings in the late 90s and early aughts, he was barely 175 pounds soaking wet. And Zimmerman wouldn’t have picked DMX out of a lineup unless he knew he could possibly win the fight. Even then, who exactly wins if X does indeed do what many have wanted in the closest sanctioned act of “revenge” possible and destroys Zimmerman? The Martin family can’t find closure in that and Zimmerman’s agenda of saying people like DMX represent the same ones that in his eyes attacked him on that fateful February night some two years ago only gets furthered.

I hate how all of this is trolling over Martin’s birthday, his name becoming more of an adjective than a symbol for how far we haven’t come. I want more for his legacy, more for the Martin family but as long as the likes of George Zimmerman parade themselves for some sense of WorldStarHipHop esque fame – we may never get there.