K. Michelle - I Don't Believe

Some of us will be lucky enough to spend our Valentine’s Day going all out and getting cuddled up with our respective boos. For the rest of us who may find ourselves unhappily single on 2/14, reality TV star K. Michelle has us covered. The R&B singer plans to drop Still No F*cks Given, the follow-up to her 2012 tape 0 F*cks Given (which birthed “Can’t Raise A Man” before it took off as a radio single), on V-Day, and last night, she set free, “I Don’t Believe,” the first offering from the upcoming project.

In the same way that some of 0 F*cks Given was made up of freestyles over others’ instrumentals, if “I Don’t Believe” is any indication, there will be plenty of jacking for beats on Still No F*cks Given as well. But don’t let #DatAss the singer’s aggressive personality on Love & Hip-Hop occasional ratchet fool you – K. Michelle’s vocal talent is nothing to sleep on.

Flipping a sample from Frank Ocean’s “We All Try,” K. Michelle’s “I Don’t Believe” is part response to Ocean’s song (the singer croons out “I don’t believe in nothing,” in stark contrast to Ocean’s “You got to believe in something” on the original) and part pouring her heart out on wax, as K. Michelle touches on everything from doubting in love to her true feelings about her sister in two minutes’ time.

K. Michelle’s Still No F*cks Given mixtape touches down on February 14.