In today’s ever popular quest for street cred, athletes and artists often turn to unconventional means to deliver their message.

From Vine to Instagram, everybody is creating their own slice of “cred” in HD. But at the end of the day, nothing delivers street cred in such a fulfilling way than the story line. While athletes from Kobe to DeShawn Jackson have resorted to spitting a few bars and/or dropping mixtapes, rap artists are the true urban storytellers.

I have a few stories. From growing up in Queens with The Lost Boyz crew in the 1990’s, one of my favorite stories was about a certain “D.A.I.S.Y Age…” rapper that had without question the best “hands” in hip hop in the late 1980’s. On sight, you might wanna test this guy… but anyone that knew of him – or saw this cat in action – knew not to mess with him. Do you know who I’m talking about? If so, let us know.

Today we celebrate a few of these yarns with the inaugural edition of True Hip Hop Stories… just a few of my favorite stories shared in animation. Check back as I drop a new story on occasion. If you have one, let me know here and we may share it with the internets.


“First Time I Met Gucci Mane”
(story re-dacted by Charlamagne the God)

Famed radio and television host Charlamagne tha God recounts his first meeting with a rapper, and adds that he was “shook” during their second meeting at Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. Charlamagne details this rapper’s demeanor during their encounter, and reveals why he’ll always be cautious of the “Lemonade” rapper.


You’re on Punishment
(story by Wacka Flocka)

Wacka shares a hilarious story that confirms my thinking: kids still play Hot Peas ‘N Butter, and of course, “Grandma’s have the best hands in the ‘hood.”


“I Got Something For You.”
(story by DJ Envy)

Power 105.1’s famed radio host DJ Envy speaks about randomly meeting Nas in Queens while he was on his mixtape grind. Envy explains how the meeting went from good to bad in a matter of minutes, and reveals the important lesson he learned that day.


Us Against The World
(story shared by Big Boi)

In 2012, OutKast’s Big Boi steps to the mic (via PitchforkTV) to delve into a story about a broken mic, a melee, club owners, a few mysterious drivers, beef over show money, a shaky flight without parachutes (but not blunts), in a “me against the World” yarn.


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