“Leaving London”, the sultry new single from Brooklyn-by-way-of-Denver R&B songstress Ophelia Cache, which features production from in demand ‘jack of all musical trades’ The Kickdrums and frequent collaborator Muteboy.  “Leaving London” suggests a certain style more than the lyrics could ever spell out. With Cache’s voice giving the loose narrative, the track has a cinematic, mournful quality that plants one foot in the present while keeping both eyes soundly on the past both sonically and thematically.

“Leaving London” paints a vivid image of the torch singers that Ophelia counts among her main influences (Billy Holiday, Judie Garland and Aretha Franklin), and shares a lot of the same timelessness of their music as well. The organs and percussion on the track conjure the soulful, nostalgic feelings of the 40’s, begging to be played on a vintage phonograph, but still manage to come across as modern. The production of the track is clearly designed to highlight Ophelia’s extraordinary voice, as it is trailed by a staccato keyboard melody dripped over a laid-back beat creating one of the most addicting songs you’ll experience this year.

Ophelia Cache’s creative thread is not your typical homage to the torch music of the 40’s we’ve seen over the past few years. Ophelia combines her love of Billy Holiday and Judy Garland with that of the more recent innovators in the art of songwriting; such as Amy Winehouse, James Blake and Shingai Shoniwa (of the Noisettes). She is currently putting the finishing touches on her upcoming EP, entitled Dolly & The Bull, which is slated for a release in early 2014. Dolly & The Bull is a hybrid of genres and influences that will collectively raise a lot of brows and elevate Ophelia Cache to a deserved spot among the most highly acclaimed artists of her generation.


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