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As a colleague of mine, I was very excited to see that the Dallas Observer took the time to give Joel Salazar some shine.  He has been staple in the Dallas hip-hop scene for many years and has always been a resource.

Hip-hop culture has given Joel Salazar much of what he values in life. For the last decade-plus, he’s overcome high hurdles and taken big risks to share his love for it with everyone from his family to strangers he’ll never meet.

Before he got his own set of turntables, Salazar used a dual tape deck to chop and mix cumbia and tejano cassettes as a boy growing up in Corpus Christi. At South Garland High School, he was a starting power forward on the basketball team and traveled all over the country for camps and tournaments. After a brush with the law lost him a couple of scholarship opportunities, he focused his attention on the passion for live music he was developing on weekend nights out in Deep Ellum.

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