When I first saw the headline I blinked a few times — “Diddy To Be Closing Bad Boy Records”.

On one hand, it seems like its nothing more than a rumor but given that some of these rumors turn out to be more fact than fiction then we might have to break out the flourescent track suits and start humming “I’ll Be Missing You” right now.

In its heyday, Bad Boy broke plenty of ground, kicked off the whole remix and dope black/white video treatment and had stars such as The Notorious B.I.G., Faith Evans, Ma$e, 112 and more. Given how much energy Puff has put into his new TV channel REVOLT, the writing could have been on Bad Boy’s wall a long time ago. Their only main players seem to be French Montana, Los and Janelle MonĂ¡e with Machine Gun Kelly & Cassie luring around somewhere. But since the only Christopher we recognize passed almost two decades ago, the luster on the door hasn’t been as shiny, even if No Way Out might have been the label’s biggest moment.

The victor in this? Interscope apparently who now take in the former Bad Boy artists and get to put them up against their other new toys, J.Cole & his Dreamville imprint. As far as the best trash talker in rap’s next move in music? Who’s to say really. He has his hand on the button for an entire music channel, pretty much having his own monopoly to play with. We’ll always have the bop and those two milk bottles clanking together to usher in the Bay Boy Era for rap but I guess somehow Diddy found a way to let the saga discontinue.