Bando Jonez - Sex You_cover

Double entendres. Witty analogies. Sure, the clever side of R&B is fun at times and sometimes foreplay can ramp up the buildup and tension.

But sometimes you just want to get right to the point. Part of the reason we hated to admit publicly that we enjoyed the guiltiest pleasure that was R. Kelly’s late 2013 release Black Panties was because Kels didn’t bother with foreplay on songs like “Marry The P*ssy.” And as much as women adore “Rocket” off Beyonce’s surprise self-titled album, they love “Drunk in Love” more because of its outright raunchiness without the need for anything extra.

Bando Jonez understands this concept. That sometimes you don’t want to bother teasing, or taking your time pushing all her buttons. Sometimes you just want to strip her down and let it all out.

The Atlanta-based R&B crooner on the rise, who inked a deal with Epic Records’ Zone 4 Inc. imprint after catching the attention of producer Polow da Don, released his debut single, “Sex You” earlier this month, and it’s all but bound to set speakers and bedrooms aflame.

As though the single art weren’t indication enough of what the track holds, with a brown-skinned beauty bending over, assuming the position and touching her toes, her naughty bits strategically shaded in. Jonez spends much of the “Sex You” finding different ways to sing out the titular words, displaying his vocal range and ability to infuse every note and lyric with raw emotion. Remember how Drake was like “This is not a f*cking love song” on “Trophies?” Well, neither is “Sex You.” Actually, it’s more like an “I love f*cking you” song… especially when it’s raining.

“Sex You” arrives conveniently just in time for the 4th Quarter of Cuffing Season; or, as our EIC Brando would so eloquently put it, just in time to land on your “leave it in” playlist. This may the first you’ve heard of Bando Jonez, but we guarantee it won’t be the last.

Stream “Sex You” below and grab it off iTunes now.