Sometimes the music industry gives you cookie cutter fodder. Sometimes it gives you something slightly manufactured but you deal with it because it falls right under the “guilty pleasure” category in your mind. Then there’s the seismic rise in emotions when you hear someone like Gene Noble.

Before today, Gene Noble could have simply been a musician or a guy in the service industry. Non-descript name, identity passed along via a simple e-mail from a trusted friend and a Twitter handle. From hearing “Lies”, his latest single from The Rebirth Of Gene everything changed. The soulful swing of emotion regarding homelessness and political unrest across the world only serves as the minor foundation for Noble, his name taken from his late father who died saving a man’s life. This is where R&B at its utmost genesis, the blues arises again. We’ve been given brief glimpses of it via the likes of Jack Freeman or when Raphael Saadiq feels like swinging back into the retro-soul gene but Noble’s trek here is all about the concrete aspect of things.

Noble’s upcoming project The Rebirth Of Gene is on the way.