Groovy Q’s Oxymoron looks more and more like a reality with the uptick in promotional material. Last week, we got the parade of eye candy that was his “Man Of The Year” video and now we have a two-fer, one being the actual album cover that you’ll see plastered at retail stores across the country and two, a brand new track produced by Alan The Chemist himself.

“Break The Bank” is an unorthodox take on big spending as Alchemist’s spooky board and organ work here set the table for Q to easily do what he does best, making memorable records out of materials you think he’d go in a different route with. It’s all coming together now for Q and TDE as Oxymoron is set to land on February 25th. And yes, that’s Q’s daughter draped in a bucket hat and gold chain up top. The deluxe? How about a white ski mask?