Maxwell - valentinesummersnight_1

Media reports are surfacing that the long-anticipated sequel to Maxwell’s 2009 blackSUMMERS’night album may finally manifest itself in real life in 2014. Initially touted to be a “trilogy” of albums by the singer, Maxwell dropped off night, went on tour and even kicked it with the Essence Music Festival a few times over the last half a decade, but alas no third album, much less a second, came to pass.

However, this past December while we were distracted by Christmas and junk Maxwell himself started dropping hints that he was cooking up something. He not only tweeted a temporary link to shots of himself in the studio, but also posted the above image to his instagram account. Not to mention this one below.

Maxwell - valentinesummersnight_2

Everything shares a common thread: “#valentinesummersnight.” Could it be that on February 14th, Maxwell may FINALLY be setting free the next installment of the blackSUMMERS’night series? And even if it isn’t the full album itself, signs point to the fact that at least one single – the above-mentioned “Three of Swords” – will surface on V-Day.

True, true, this could be a false alarm. But if Justin Timberlake can come out of a nearly decades’ long exile from the booth and drop two albums in the same year, then surely Maxwell can AT LEAST give us one, right?