If not for anything, Saturday Night Live finds its way to be a bit relevant even when its been on the air for nearly 40 years. After a season in which plenty of plucky new cast members were introduced, the loud calls of “why does Kenan Thompson plays all the black women?” started becoming seeded in rancorous sentiment which led to the SNL writers poking fun at their lack of female diversity when Kerry Washington hosted. That led to a giant no-so-secret casting hunt by Lorne Michaels and NBC execs in New York City looking to add a black female comedian and viola, here we are with Sasheer Zamata. To quote Drake & Soulja Boy, “We Made It!”

Zamata’s selection shows one thing mostly, that Kenan Thompson won’t have to handle every ethnic sketch with the same face he puts on Al Sharpton. The bigger thing that her addition to the cast means? That the internet, a place that has voiced its displeasure about bullying and abuse can literally turn into a mob itself, yell about change and actually push the powers that be into doing something about themselves. Bravo internet you awesomely hypocritical being, bravo. There’s no limit at how often SNL will poke fun at itself in a wincing version of self deprecation so one cannot expect Zamata’s debut to go over completely smooth by writers and execs. There will be plenty of jokes regarding tokenism and black female culture that one side of the room will laugh at and the other sneer and side-eye but that’s a small step in the hope that her talents will eventually tell everyone — “TOLD YOU SO!”

Zamata will be making her SNL debut on January 19th when the show returns from winter break. Let’s hope to God she’s paired along with musical guest/host Drake to make fun of the fact he might be reading your diary to make all of those raps and love songs of his.