The things you thought you were finally rid of just keep on coming back.

Tim Tebow, who by all accounts was an NFL bust will be coming back into your lives starting January 6th as he becomes an analyst for ESPN. The network signed Tebow to a multiyear deal that won’t impede with his dreams of becoming the world’s greatest Baptist preacher becoming an NFL quarterback once again but for all intents and purposes its another sign of the four-letter network ready and willing to shove a bad, annoying thing down your throat.

Tebow’s first order of business will be being on set during the Vizio BCS National Championship game between Auburn & Florida State. From there he’ll be part of the SEC Network (think the Longhorn Network but beneficial to all 12 SEC schools) and their own little version of College Gameday with SEC Nation. He’ll also be making sure you hear from him during the Heisman Race, ESPN Radio and “Sportscenter”.