Goodbye To The Arrow: 93.7 The Beat Is Houston’s New Hip-Hop Station [@937thebeat]


Almost overnight, the change happened. KKRW 93.7 The Arrow, a Houston staple for more than two decades playing classic rock had suddenly switched formats -- to urban and been given a new moniker: 93.7 The Beat. Soon, tweets from Breakfast Club members Charlemange Tha God and Angela Yee only confirmed that their show, the #1 hip-hop morning show in the country would be syndicated on the stations airwaves and the initial shots towards longtime Houston radio kingpin KBXX 97.9 The Boxx have already begun. From Clear Channel: "93.7 The Beat is ready to write a new chapter in Houston radio history. We’re defining what real hip hop and R&B is," said Eddie Martiny, President and Market Manager, Clear Channel Media and Entertainment, Houston. "Many of the biggest stars in this format live in Houston, so to move the station in this direction was a natural choice. In addition, The Beat format will perfectly complement the five other radio stations in our cluster by making us more attractive and diverse to our advertising community." What originally began as rumors as early as last month have become true. The entire staff at 93.7 The Arrow from Colonel St. James to Kelly Ryan on down have been let go. Former morning jock JC Cochran took to Facebook to voice his displeasure. "In October I began hearing loud rumors. Last night when we returned to Houston from Christmas break I got the call. Today, a classic rock station with a twenty-year heritage is no more. We've all been let go. The station will be "stunting" for the next few days before revealing the new format. I'd just been nominated for "Employee of the Quarter." Seriously. Next week I'll continue on with the ten-to-noon show on 590 The Man in St. Louis while we try and figure out what's next. Good riddance, 2013."
  • Moises Ruiz

    Screw this! I want the Arrow back NOW!!

  • Tls Simms

    now some folks know how it feels..example when 92.1 Gospel was turned into a news channel.. sad

  • mrtrippn


  • Newton

    More rap crap… Even James Brown said that rap was not music!

  • RedHand53

    The Beat needs to Beat it! Hip Hop and Rap Crap Sucks! Pull their broadcasting license! Nothing but Noise!

  • kidc!

    I say fk clear channel, bring back the Arrow, we already have to many rap and r&b stations here in H-Town!


    Most of it is just vulgar language. Shame on management for this. I hope you loose many listeners over this and your ratings plummet. BAD CHOICE, BAD, BAD, BAD



    • Drika

      Hip hop is nearly 40 years old. Shut up with your ignorant behind!!


    I had this station programmed with a hot button in my car. I replaced it with 107.5 Dean and Rodge in the morning and now I have them on two hot buttons. You can change your format, but you can’t make all the former listeners tune in to this crap. It all has the same beat just different lyrics.

  • Casey83

    Clear Channel is FAMOUS for switching formats with absolutely no warning. They did the same with 106.9 The Point. I think I’m just going to keep my dial tuned into or listen to my iPod from now on, because I’m tired of being pushed around by them.

  • jxwhee

    The Beat is already a much better rap and hip hop channel than 97.9.

  • Flipdodge

    When I first went to put my antenna back on my truck to see what the new radio talk was all about I was surprised to hear UGK (A legendary rap group from PA) on there and I finally said that I never said before, “Damn Houston Rap on a Houston radio station, it can’t be!” I was pretty happy for the moment then my mind was quickly change when the next song came on sounding like a crying dog saying “Oh na na” and I just thought to myself, what the hell is going on today’s rap sense I just don’t understand the mind set of the people in today’s world. Of course after I heard that crap called music the antenna came right back off and my aux cable went right back in my iPod. It’s pretty sad on how we have two “Houston” rap stations and they rarely play “Houston Rap” i just don’t understand it. Music has came a long negative way since the 90′s.

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  • docbeno

    Now people understand how I felt when they switched Praise 92.1 to an all news station. Little sympathy. #SUFFER. It really does suck that the arrow is going away though being that they have been here for 20 years.



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