Instead of doing the usual bland ass best of list, the Day & A Dream staff was asked to pick their five favorite Houston related music projects of the year. Here’s Monica Jones’ picks for her favs of the year, from a longtime favorite to a bit of new blood in between.

Propain; Ridin’ Slab
(production choices, themed content, Narration from Lil Keke made this album overall my favorite.


Delorean; Grace
(Notable features, garnered more than local buzz, good singles & visuals, BET Backroom Freestyle)


Nick Greer & The G’s; Nick Greer & The G’s
(Just Different, Breath of fresh air eclectic mix of sounds that hip-hop originated from, live instrumentation enhanced the sound)

Roosh Williams - Deja Roo_Times Have Changed_cover

Roosh Williams; Déjå Roo: Times Have Changed
(notable features, album controversy, more than local buzz, good visuals and singles selection)


Slim Thug; Boss Life
(Comeback project aside from his last lazy mixtapes, Thugga came back lyrically harder and picked great choices for production and features, promotion/marketing #PopTrunkShop was creative and paid homage to the hustle of Houston’s underground music scene.)

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