Jean Grae is a woman of many identities.

The rapper and New York native has long garnered praises from our writers simply for being herself and challenging the boys club with every clever bar, punchline and moving story behind the microphone but her personally shines at an even brighter hue away from it. It’s why she can command attention in front of a camera with her own web series ‘Life With Jeannie’. We’ve touched base on Gothan Down cycles but Chan-Lo got to dig a bit deeper into the creative process of Jean, including what makes ‘Life With Jeannie’ such a breakthrough.

On Creating ‘Life With Jeannie’:
“I’ve pretty much wanted to have a sitcom since I saw sitcoms and understood what they were. I can’t believe it’s taken me 37 years. What a slowpoke!”

On Gotham Down Deluxe:
“It tells the story in the most liner way I was willing to do. Leaves out the details of say, “Double Katanas” and takes you through a more succinct plot. Where things went wrong. Getting the job that would later go horribly wrong. The downward spiral of personal life that lead to being completely heartless.”

Watch episode one of ‘Life With Jeannie’ below and catch Chan’s full interview with Jean here.