This year has been filled with plenty of ups & downs, whether it be personal or professional for a lot of people. Putting a vision to action and wanting to chart a course for your own success in 2014, the Simply Born Initiative have come up with a rather unique outlook for your 2014 — at least from a financial perspective.

A Message from The Simply Born Initiative founders: Monica Jones & Cecilia Smith

First, we wanted to thank all of our supporters who contributed have undoubtedly contributed to our philanthropic success in 2013. From our annual “Laugh 4 a Cure” comedy benefit to our Thanksgiving food drive which successfully fed 23 families in connection with the “Grandparents Raising Grandchildren” cause; when we rang the bell for assistance, the help fell in line.

And for that we thank you.

Secondly, while we will continue to provide aid and awareness for a variety of charity efforts, we are also issuing out a financial challenge.


How does one get into a 100K challenge? Simple, it’s the goal of any entrepreneur or hard worker who is never satisfied with just “making it.” It’s pooling all of your resources for not only financial increase but solidifying a foundation for the future. While making your annual New Year’s resolution we are asking that you include financial security to that list. The sky is truly the limit as it pertains to your own ambition. Set your own goal.

New graduates or those that are looking to make the transition say from retail to an office may want to tackle #The30KChallenge (using the 100K Challenge formula but setting your base at 30K). Others trying to take the next step in their professional careers, may target #The50KChallenge; while there are some that simply want to enhance their current financial situation by taking on #The100KChallenge.

We just want to motivate you to get there.

· 60k annual salary
· 20k through a personal business
· 20K through contract work
= $100k

However you choose to tackle this challenge is up to you, we are simply encouraging you to push yourself for more. Be it that raise you’ve been eyeing, a promotion you know you deserve, or even if it’s as simple as adding an additional stream of income through doing hair. Do you. If you have a talent, use it. Let 2014 be the year that you GO FOR IT!

Season’s Greetings and remember: “Either find a way or make one. “