Instead of doing the usual bland ass best of list, the Day & A Dream staff was asked to pick their five favorite Houston related music projects of the year. Here’s Cecilia Smith’s picks for her favs of the year, from a longtime favorite to a bit of new blood in between.

Propain; Ridin’ Slab
Powerful. Lyrical. Fun. Propain was a busy man in 2013, and this wonderfully crafted work stands as a testament of what is to come. If you’re a genuine fan of 2011’s Dangerous Minds this will serve as an excellent sequel.


Trae Tha Truth; I Am King
It’s almost unfair to have to place this offering on a local list, as it could easily be a stand alone national album. With a range of prominent features, even if Houston’s airwaves have banned the Underground King, its only fitting that the rest of the nation has caught on to this Grand Hustle soldier’s beat.


Delorean; Grace
This may very well be Delo’s finest project to date. With smooth mixtures of old school soul with new age lyricism, he easily sets himself apart as one of Houston’s heavy hitters worth following. Or you can check out BET or MTV and judge for yourself. Yeah, he’s graced those too.


Le$; Gran Turismo
Le$ has mastered the art of ride along music, however this DJ Mr. Rogers project shows not only more versatility, but career progression. He stepped up and stepped out with this one.


Express; Higher Learning
A major complaint of younger musical generations, is their inability to recognize or acknowledge musical and political history that occurred before them. This young man is the exception. Offering a great mix of truth and turn up combined, this gem has definitely set him on a great musical path.