Lupe Fiasco - Piru Blues

2013 was a year of hits and misses for Lupe Fiasco… which, considering ’12 was much more miss than hit, has to be some kind of reassuring to the emcee. “Piru Blues” easily falls into the ‘W’ column, however. The previously unreleased track was left off of Lupe’s Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album release from last year, but Lu decided to set it free this Christmas morning.

With DJ SimonSayz handling production – who absolutely SNAPS on this beat, by the way. Might we be getting some “Piru Blues” freestyles sooner rather than later? – Lupe spends four minutes and twenty seconds reflecting on dark times and searching for some kind of light within them, even soulfully vocalizing the desperation on the song’s hook (“Show me how to breathe again/ I need me a reason to live/ It’s pretty damn hard to suffer…”). If this is the last we’ll hear from Lupe in 2013 (though I doubt it is), it’s a solid track and, admittedly, makes one wonder if Lupe didn’t drop the ball not putting it on F&LII. His loss is our gain.