GoPhigga – M.S.O.M. 1.5 [@gophigga]

mosm-cover How far along did we have to dig into Numb3rs Committee member GoPhigga's M.S.O.M. 1.5 tape before we realized it was a really, really decisive and muddy project? Around the time you get knee deep into it and figure out you're in a rather tidy and fully fleshed out marriage of hard trap hats, organ work and Southern hospitality. GoPhigga more than likely is the one Numb3rs Committee member you can't really pick out of a lineup, you just have to hear that Southern drawl and flair for it all to stick. There's production from Big K.R.I.T., features from DeLorean, OneHunnidt, Mike Red and others, all swimming in an ecosystem of trunk rattling bass and funk. Stream M.S.O.M. 1.5 below.



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