I have to give credit where it’s due. Shea Serrano has probably had the best year ever when it comes to drawing hip-hop related things on this here Internet. From Drake-ing Bad to his Bun B’s Jumbo Rap Activity & Coloring Book growing from a Tumblr to a real life book, the Houston writer and artist has had quite the bountiful year. So how does he celebrate it? He commissions a few Christmas cards in honor of the Wu-Tang Clan, A Very Wu-Tang Holiday: Christmas Rules Everything Around Me MySpace.

“What better way to celebrate the holiday season and the 20th anniversary of Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) than with this collection of downloadable Christmas cards by Shea Serrano? We couldn’t think of one either. Merry ChRZAmas”

Each member of the mighty Wu including Capadonna gets placed in pretty well known Christmas tales but of course only in Shaloin variance. I’m pretty sure Clan Christmas carols all involved jacking Santa Claus and having RZA and Poppa Wu pass out gifts to the children. Print these images out, share them with your co=workers before the Christmas break and tell them to diversify their Christmas cards.