It’s year end list season with music journalists. Which is akin to saying, it’s your favorite rapper is about to have his panties in bunch. Which is what happened to Wale when he went through Complex Magazine‘s “The 50 Best Albums of 2013” list and didn’t find The Gifted on there.

50 slides, 50 shift + left on his keyboard, no Wale album.

Now, like most rappers who take a list in stride, Folarin could have kept his peace and looked for that recognition or look from another outlet with as much esteem as Complex. Instead, he felt like something was afoot and that there were bigger powers against him and his music being respected by the staff. So, he called the Complex offices and what you have in the clip above is that exact conversation — unedited, word for word.

“You mean to tell me Juicy J album better than mine?”
“Man, fuck you dog!”
“I’ma come up to that office and start knockin’ n*ggas the fuck out!”
“I’ll see y’all tomorrow, get that security ready!”

Now, all of these quotes are from Wale and even if they’re real, they still feel a bit forced. Complex’s entire being is built upon lists. You and I both know this. To a point, Nipsey Hussle raised similar viewpoints on Twitter in the wake of Crenshaw being released, threatening the magazine to stop covering hip-hop for focusing more on the style of the release as opposed to the music itself. All that yelling and rah rah from Folarin sounds like bad promo work from John Cena, wrestling tactics that work better in that arena as opposed to rap. You know, since Wale was attempting to be “civil” before threatening to knock people out over a list.

I’ll shame Complex for leaking a phone interview but when you’re also in the business of page clicks and trackbacks — you feed the golden goose.

Dear rappers,

Forget a list. Foster your relationships with the fans who actually buy your work, pay their decent money to attend your shows and buy your merchandise. Leave the back and forth about what album/tape was better to us fans and journos. You’re in the opinion business, your ego and skin are going to have to deal with it.