DJ competitions in Houston are quite rare. Unlike rap showcases which seem to pop up every single month, it’s quite hard to pull a group of DJs together and ask them to bring out their best on the 1s & 2s. Mainly because, these sort of things don’t happen. What Houston Scratch Offs, a new venture produced by Yung Truth and his Stuffferz brand is attempting is rather fun and nifty, combining the city’s already well respected level of inner competition along with his vision of what the city can do to be different.

Thus, you see what is by and large the best flyer for an event I may have seen all year. You see a wide bevy of names from DJ Auditory, DJ Bananaz & Donnie Houston. You see four burgeoning DJs from The Brad Gilmore Show’s own DJ Motai to DJs J-Sixx, Five 9 & Hillo and sponsorship from the likes of SF2, 1800 Tequila, Black Republic clothing and many more.

Want to hear some pretty great mixes you won’t find anywhere else from DJs who give a damn about their craft? Want to be entertained by Brad Gilmore proving he’s the “Entertainment World Champion?” Head to Mangos (403 Westheimer Rd) on December 20th and bring an empty stomach. Apparently if you pre-order a ticket, you get a chicken link from Stuffferz themselves.

To buy tickets to Houston Scratch Offs, click here.