Melat - The Illumination

It’s hard to effectively describe what singer Melát has managed to do in a relatively short time. In a recent post on her blog, Melát (pronounced “May-Laht”) states plainly, “I’m Indie. About as Indie as you can get.” The Austin, Texas native quietly dropped her first project, the Canon Aphaea EP, for the free, sans any kind of label backing, in 2012, a short aural trip led by a voice that was at times soothing and at others ephemeral and haunting. A year and one kickstarter campaign that she could have never imagined would be so successful later, Melát has shaken things up. The soft-spoken songbird has found herself spotted everywhere from 2DopeBoyz to DJ Booth, and we had to pick her for #ThePulse before she evolves into a full-out seismic jolt across the interwebs.

Melát has joined forces with her producer-partner-in-crime Pha The Phenom once more to present the second helping in her “Canon” EP series, entitled Canon Ourania: The Illumination. Don’t be fooled by Canon Ourania’s subtitle – there aren’t too many Illuminati references to be found within the EP’s eight tracks (produced entirely by Pha Tha Phenom), though there’s quite a few good listens on deck. I mean, true, the intro song IS called “Thirdeye,” but trust me, it’s deeper than its title implies.

Stream Melát’s Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP below. While the project is available for free download, we encourage you to support the artist – who’s been able to do the work she’s doing almost solely from the money of fan supporters – by copping the EP off iTunes, as well.