For all the hype that surrounded “race-based” films and the lauding that followed them, it appears only one of them was good enough to make the cut for next year’s Golden Globes.

The nominees for the 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards in television and film were announced earlier this morning, filled with a few obvious picks, a few nice surprises, and a few glaring omissions as well. Amongst the more obvious nominations were Leonardo DiCaprio for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy for his role in The Wolf of Wall Street – with this awards season being arguably DiCaprio’s best shot at finally acquiring a “Best Actor” Golden Globe and/or Oscar that has eluded him for decades now – Breaking Bad for Best Television Drama (which will seek to go out with a bang given its series finale this year), and Kerry Washington earning a nod for Best Actress in a Television Drama via her star turn as ‘Scandal’ lead and social media fan favorite Olivia Pope.

12 Years_Chiwetel

Tied for the most nominations were the David O. Russell-directed film American Hustle – Russell will seek to capitalize on his success with last year’s Silver Linings Playbook by repeating with a lily white ensemble cast that includes his Silver Linings stars Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper once more – and, in somewhat of a surprise, 12 Years A Slave. Though 12 Years has been lauded throughout the year for its “realistic” film adaptation of the true story of free man-turned-slave Solomon Northup, it is interesting nonetheless to see Black director Steve McQueen get a Best Director nod. Chiwetel Ejiofor, as much a slept-on talent as Don Cheadle was before making himself be known via the Showtime hit series ‘House of Lies,’ was nominated for Best Actor in a Drama, as was his co-star Lupita Nyong’o, for Best Supporting Actress. Another nice surprise was Somalian Barkhad Abdi, a first-time actor whose portrayal of the leader of the Somali pirates in the film Captain Phillips, was good enough to earn him a Best Supporting Actor nod.

Idris Elba, whose portrayal of Nelson Mandela in the biopic Mandela: A Long Walk to Freedom had been turning heads since the film’s earliest trailers, was also nominated for Best Actor in a Drama alongside Ejiofor.

Idris Elba Long Walk_Mandela

I’m just as mad as you are that Tyler Perry’s A Very Madea Christmas wasn’t nominated for Best Picture, y’all. However, the Lee Daniels film The Butler – which just recently reopened for a second run in theaters, to make one last appeal to awards season – and the Ryan Coogler-directed Fruitvale Station were noticeably absent from this year’s Emmy nominees. The Butler was expected to be a serious contender what with all the praise lavished upon it, and while it may still contend at the Oscars, the fact that it was nominated for nothing at all – and Oprah stars in it! – at the Golden Globes says a lot. Meanwhile, it seems like a downright snub that Fruitvale Station wasn’t acknowledged at all, especially lead actor Michael B. Jordan, whose portrayal of Oscar Grant was not only arguably a breakout performance but certainly worthy of a Best Actor nod. Jordan, too, may still be nominated for an Oscar, but if the Emmys are any indication – and they often are – then major film awards committees may still be sleeping on one of the year’s best performances.

The 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards, hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, will air on NBC on January 12, 2014.

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  1. Homer

    Im sorry but are you serious with this article? You think Michael b. Jordan got snubbed? Really? What do you want the Golden globes to nominate an all black “best actors” category? I’ve watched Michael b. Jordan and he is a fantastic actor, I’ve seen almost everything he has been in From his spot on the last few seasons of Friday Night Lights, his role as Wallace on The Wire, His role in “Chronicle”, & even his young debut in Hard Ball… I absolutely agree that he is a great actor & did an his best work on Fruitvale Station, but you think his performance was better than Matthew McConaughey in The Dallas Buyers Club? or Robert Redford in “All is Lost”… Do I think Michael B. Jordan should be put in over Tom Hanks for his average role in Captain Phillips? sure, but Michael B. Jordan wouldn’t even be the first person in line to take that spot… have you seen Casey Affleck in “Aint them Body’s Saints” How bout Christian Bale in “Out of the Furnace”? or Oscar Isaac in “Inside Llweyn Davis”? How bout Miles Teller in “The Spectacular Now”? or even Steve Carrell in “The Way, Way Back”? Also to end this tirade as much as I love Idris Elba and his fantastic acting, his portrayal of Nelson Mandela is just god awful especially when everyone on the planet knows that that role should only go to one man EVER, his name is Morgan Freeman & if you don’t agree with that, than that is exactly why I know this article is blasphemous. The only reason he is nominated is because of the actual death of Nelson Mandela he won’t win this award, because it wasn’t even his best work. This whole “Race Based” films noticeably absent” tittle is so much bullshit, you should be ashamed of your damn self for this article, what a bunch of Self-Righteous B.S. They can’t nominate everyone so they pick who obviously had the best performances .. this has nothing to do with race, get your head out your ass. Personally as a minority I really hate people like you that try and point out racial divides, when it has nothing to do with race. Go join Kanye West in his .. “Ive never won a grammy against a white artist” group, because that is absurd.

    • Jay Howard Gatsby

      Well, first, I appreciate your comment.

      I’m not sure if this post was the blend of sarcasm and seriousness that I’d hoped it be (I see the ‘A Very Madea Christmas’ reference didn’t make it into your so-called tirade). Part of the reason I said ‘race-based films were noticeably absent’ in the title is because The Butler was being touted as all but an Oscar and Golden Globes favorite this year. The Butler was good, but not great, but the way it was being advertised – the way it still IS being advertised, as the post-racial America feel good story of the year – I thought it was all but guaranteeing a Best Actor nomination for Forrest Whittaker and a Best Director nod for Lee Daniels. I guess ’12 Years A Slave’ – which, by the way, I haven’t yet seen – stole some of its thunder. Did I “want” The Butler to be nominated, though? Not at all. I thought it might be and so it was surprising to see the Golden Globes completely overlook it.

      To the point of Michael B. Jordan, yes, I absolutely completely unequivocally believe that he got snubbed by the Golden Globes committee. The fact that you can yourself admit his portrayal was a damned good one – especially, as you note, compared to a lackluster performance by Tom Hanks in “Captain Phillips” – speaks volumes and certainly suggests that you might feel Jordan deserves some kind of credit for his portrayal of Oscar Grant. That said, I haven’t seen ANY of the actors in any of the movies you’ve listed – “Out of the Furnace” comes out literally today, Friday the 13th, and Inside Llewyn Davis either drops this weekend or next weekend via limited engagement – and so for that, I applaud your advance screening game and I truly wish I had one that rivaled it. I also haven’t seen the Mandela movie, but I do think it’s important to note that A Long Walk to Freedom is based on Mandela’s EARLY years, as a young man and activist/terrorist/hellraiser in South Africa. While Morgan Freeman certainly would match a modern-day portrayal of Mandela – just ask Twitter, which has mistaken Freeman for Mandela for years now – I question Freeman’s ability to effectively portray Mandela in his 20s through his 40s, which is when the bulk of Long Walk takes place.

      It’s unfortunate that you felt my goal with this article was to “point out racial divides.” If I wanted to do that, I could talk about how American Hustle, the other movie with the most Golden Globe nominations, has a lily white ensemble cast, many of whom will bank upon their star power than their actual performances. Or, I could talk about how Michael Fassbender apparently played the Best Supporting Actor role that will get him, if not a Golden Globe, than certainly an Oscar as the overseer in ’12 Years’ while Ejiofor will likely not stand a chance in the Best Actor category. Instead, I voiced my opinion – which I would be utterly shocked that you don’t share, if it weren’t for the mindblowing fact that different people can have different viewpoints and disagree – and shared news on the Golden Globe Awards that was mostly related to its of-color nominees. I didn’t want an all-Black Best Actor category at all (because then we’d HAVE to nominate Tyler Perry… ugh), but merely wished to especially point out my frustration with the fact that Michael B. Jordan was completely overlooked.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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