Allow me to go on for a few paragraphs about what 2014 should mean for Houston rap.

If 2013 was the year that Houston rap once more regained prominence on MTV’s video channels, shined on BET’s ‘106 & Park’ and made enough leeway that its local radio station finally started acknowledging its talent outside of mere bro nods then 2014 should be the year that one, and I do honestly mean one artist can crack the Billboard charts with a viable release that stands for more than a few weeks. It should be the year that niche singles be completely avoided by radio and instead handpicked records that get airplay in the daylight and not just the ear to the streets oriented programming that lands late nights and on the weekends.

It should be the year quality projects with all the glut sliced off ease their way into national prominence and year end lists. It should be the year that its video directors piece together things that invoke a bit of humor and personality of the artists they’re meant for. And it should be the year that all of those projects we’ve been promised for the better part of a year plus now finally get released.

Now that I have your attention with that — watch Doughbeezy’s rather hilarious ode to early aughts rap videos and comedy flicks with “Ridin Round,” rife with your scandalous bad chick, your homegirl who will always be the lookout and the one dude who can’t be happy he married a known scandalous chick who for lack of a better phrase – chose up. Footprints On The Moon lands January 14th.