Allen Kee/ESPN Images

Allen Kee/ESPN Images

Dear Ohio State fans,

We warned you about this.

We warned you when you were struggling with Northwestern. When you happened to give Illinois & Iowa a chance against you. When Michigan damn near beat you on a 2-point conversion.

So why did you continue to lie to us when your eyes were telling you the truth the entire time?

“We’re undefeated, we’re going to beat Michigan State & play Florida State and possibly win the national championship! A one-loss SEC team should not jump us for the national championship game.”

Lies. All of them.

Last night, in your first game against actual top 10 competition in two years you spotted them 17 points. You also spotted them the last 17 points and proved the rest of America right. You did not belong in the national championship game, undefeated or not. The SEC Champion, the Auburn Tigers who in a year of that much fabled “SEC Defense” looking more like the Big 12 went out and smacked the #5 team in the country in Missouri and gave the state of Alabama this calling card they can own until the playoff system starts next year — you have to go through our state in order to win the national title.

So Jay Jacobs gets the more “American” final game in the history of the BCS — top-ranked Florida State against soon to be #2 SEC Champion Auburn. Explosive offenses, star players, cliches about Cinderella, team of destiny, all that noise. All while we as college football fans are laughing hard at Ohio State finally noticed the jig around the end of the first quarter in Indianapolis.

Enjoy your consolation prize Buckeyes, you’re good — just not completely comparable to Auburn.

I understand you want to talk strength of schedule, that the ACC is rather lax and you shouldn’t be punished for who is on your schedule. You can be punished — for how you deal with said schedule. Those guys down in Tallahassee looked like the football version of the Monstars against theirs.

You can toss out all the ESPN-like stats if you want about how the Big 10 had a down year. A down year and yet you couldn’t even beat the one actually good team in your conference. The football gods decided to spare us of watching those Buckeyes go to Pasadena and deal with Famous Jameis, Kelvin Benjamin and that defense with all that real life talent. We were spared an embarrassment on Ohio State’s end in this game for the third time in less than a decade.

No need to politick, you get your BCS game against another offense that could probably boat race you in Clemson. Most of us wanted to make sure you got the message and placed you up against Alabama but they’ll probably be dealing with Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Just don’t ever argue strength of schedule with anyone if you can’t manhandle yours.

There’s an addage that goes with these kinds of things. There’s no need to come from behind when you’re already well ahead.