Jameis Winston, the Florida State quarterback and front runner for this year’s Heisman Trophy won’t be facing charges of sexual assault, the state attorney announced on Thursday. The investigation concludes after weeks of media scrutiny into a 2012 report filed by a woman who accused the 19-year old quarterback of rape at a party.

“We’ve carefully examined all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be brought against anyone in this case,” State Attorney Willie Meggs said in a statement at the Leon County Courthouse. The events of which Winston was accused of doing took place nearly a year to the day of today’s announcement, December 7th. According to the sexual assault kit, Winston’s DNA was present but so was that of another man, identified as the victim’s boyfriend.

Had Winston been charged with a crime, the FSU QB would have been declared ineligible for the team’s upcoming ACC Championship Game against No. 20 Duke and suspended, He would have not only been suspended from the team but he would not be able to return for the remainder of the season per Florida State guidelines. In a football sense, Winston avoiding such a charge once more places him as the odds on favorite to become the second straight freshman to win a Heisman trophy as well as puts Florida State, the number one team in the nation on a path to play in Pasadena, CA on January 6th for the BCS National Championship. The nature of the case has also affected his Heisman chances as many voters have removed him from their ballots pending the outcome of this result. Despite passing for 3,490 yards, 38 touchdowns and only 5 interceptions, Winston could have lost all of it in a flash.

The complicated nature of the story factors in a few things, how often we view football as an escape and we place kids as heroes and mere demigods to the rest of us. That rape, one of the foulest crimes known to man immediately raises questions not only for the accuser but the accusee as well. There are scarlett letters that exist in the world and for a man to be accused of rape, whether it committed the crime or not is a major one of them.

Social media will spiral into a mess today, those taking Winston’s side and damning the victim who believed he was the one who sexually assaulted her and others defending the woman. The majority of the blame should rest on the shoulders of the Talahassee State Police Department who sat on this case for an entire year and allowed it to drag on in the media just as Winston was coming into national promience.

It creates two victims and no real winners, all thanks to the inability to properly piece together a crime.