Oh this the fourth day of December in the year of our Hov 2013, Jay Z celebrates the start of his 44th year hovering over us peasants with Barneys suites given back to charity and concert tours and baddest chick in the game wearing his (tattooed) wedding ring and et cetera vegan for 22 days cetera. So why not crack open the YouTube vaults and showcase a more fun aspect of the relationship between Jay & his wife Beyoncé as while they were dating she and a group of his friends made a video depicting the “December 4th” track from The Black Album? Yes, Mama Carter makes a guest appearance as the third greatest narrator of all-time next to Morgan Freeman & James Earl Jones but its cute watching B give her best Jay impersonation.

Plus, when are you ever going to see her huddle up in a rap cypher battle in the middle of Marcy projects again?