The NFL has been the source of a lot of controversy of late, whether it’s been with blown penalty calls, confusing flags, and even the difference between players being hotheaded versus “just being passionate” on the sidelines.

This past Thursday, when the Pittsburgh Steelers played the Baltimore Ravens in the latter’s home stadium for NBC’s Sunday Night Football matchup on Thanksgiving, one moment in particular stood out to every viewer watching. During the game’s third quarter, the Steelers were kicking off to Jacoby Jones, and Jones – who apparently has learned how to hold onto a football since leaving the Houston Texans two years ago – was well on his way to returning the kickoff all the way back to the Steelers’ endzone. It was damn near inevitable… until Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin “accidentally” stepped onto the football field and hopped back onto the sideline just as Jones was approaching him. Many on social networks suspected that Tomlin’s actions were very much consciously done, and then NFL intends to make an official ruling on whether or not Tomlin should be penalized for his interference.

Turns out that Michael Challik, a local TV photographer for Baltimore’s CBS affiliate KDKA-TV caught it all on tape … right down to Tomlin looking ever so slightly over his shoulder as Jones was running up the field. Let’s just put it like this – men lie, women lie, but .GIFs don’t.

Tomlin’s interference didn’t turn out to affect the ending of the game too much – Baltimore still beat Pittsburgh – but if it had… oh, if it had, then the Brother definitely got caught.

[via TotalPro Sports]