premiereOver a single piano note opening, De’Wayne Jackson echoes in that squeaky pitched singing voice of his “And who is he?” That’s been the general statement stamped on his upcoming mixtape of the same name (out next Monday) and for good reason. When you’re not even of the legal limit to drink, a lot of things boil down to identity and relationships. On “Bike & A Dream”, an edgier thesis in regards to growing closer to your father (who may or may not be absentee) but “no pity” in the eyes of De’Wayne, proving to your mom that blog love is real (“these my friends!”) or etching out a course to prove every teacher whose class you slacked off in wrong, De’Wayne bottles his emotions in almost as if he’s trapped by them. He’s swinging all over the James Curtis produced track, that’s obvious. He’s connecting in a much more enveloping way that some of his peers though, because he like many before and many after are still searching for their particular identity in life. At least his can be expressed through music.