How is it that the Warriors are finding themselves in the “new” rivalries out West?

We know they have some kind of disdain for the Clippers (and who doesn’t) and that they nearly wanted to pull a Jesse Jackson on Barack Obama circa 2008 when the Rockets almost broke an NBA record for three-pointers made in a single game on them. Yet in terms of pure basketball fun, their best rival now is the Thunder and considering that Andre Igoudala already stole one from OKC via a buzzer beater, KD & Russy owed Golden State one.

Plus you get to see Seth Curry not only toss Serge Ibaka in the blender (above), you also get to see him bust out some fancy footwork on Russell Westbrook or even Russell trying his best to put Steph on your kids next FatHead poster. Throw in Kevin Durant and the Splash Brothers probably having their own version of H-O-R-S-E with outside shooting and you have the gumbo for greatness.

Sure, the Thunder took the second round of their season matchup with the boys from Oakland via a miraculous turnaround three from Westbrook (and yes, some are even wondering why Durant didn’t take the shot). That Durant had an off night going 7-21 and combined he and Westbrook shot a combined 17-47. Even without Iggy for the fourth straight contest the Warriors hung in there with a career night from the “Black Falcon” Harrison Barnes (26 points on 10 makes) and Steph somehow pulling down 11 rebounds to go along with 32 points.

Hey May, you might want to hurry up soon. There’s some fun to be had in the Western Conference Playoffs.