Last Saturday at Warehouse Live, 20-year-old Chicago artist, Chance the Rapper took the members of his sold-out show on a mass acid trip full of colorful lights, sweat and footwork during his Social Experiment Tour. In short, it was awesome.

The lucid show that was the Social Experiment actually began outside the venue at his tour bus. Matte black with “ACIDRAP” dripping from the sides, the bus was novel enough to get Houstonians to ignore the cold (and it was COLD) and get their Star Shots on in front of it. When they finally took a picture deemed Instagram/Facebook worthy and tagged it #acidrap, they moved to the next phase of the experiment.

Inside Warehouse, the Experiment’s guinea pigs, aka the audience, energetically waited for Chance to appear and when he did, it was felt. He had a full band, the musicality of which is always appreciated, and they created a palpable energy which set the tone for the rest of the night.

Within the first 5 minutes of Chance taking the stage, he had the crowd screaming along to his performance of ACIDRAP tracks like while sweating trying to footwork along with him. The crowd had some respectable moves, but this is Houston; down here we Southside.

Chance had an incessant energy that did not stop, even when he would take a break to thank the crowd for being there or when the stage would go black when transitioning to another one of his hits. The momentum of the show only built, no matter what song he performed; which is impressive considering his catalog contains a wide breadth of topics from drug abuse, social injustices and murder to love and dance tracks. The crowd seemed to know the words to everything and was more than happy to yell out the lyrics whenever he gave mic props, especially on the “na na” parts.

The show was delivered with a clarity and enthusiasm that comes from him believing in the expression of his craft and left little to be desired. He even took on the challenge of covering Coldplay’s “Fix You” which showcased his scratchy, yet oddly appealing singing voice. He’s definitely become a more seasoned performer; commanding the stage and showing growth from the last time he took the Warehouse stage as an opener for Mac Miller just this past June.

Overall, there was something for everyone and I only expect his shows to get more trippy from this point on. No wonder Madonna wanted to kick it with him. Now, excuse me while I go drop acid.

Just Kidding.