El Prez was tired of waiting.

The Inglewood, California native has bubbled at the precipe of the Cali rap scene for a minute. Been lauded for his sunny views inside of dark times as well from Animal Style! to Leadershit. In person he’s about as laid back as you can get, place him in front of a party with some fine women and a few beers and he’s in Heaven. On the microphone it’s about the exact same way. Him making a record such as Urban $treet Americana should seem a bit far fetched, a crime caper that stretches state lines with Covina producer Jansport J.

But it isn’t.

Because Jansport J was also tired of waiting.

Their PrezSport moniker is simple and effective branding, combining their respective forces for 41-minutes and eleven tracks that dabbles so much in the perfect idea of a concept album that it automatically slots itself as some of the best work of their respective careers. Funky, smooth and elaborate, Urban $treet Americana plays out like its own version of Pacino & De Niro in ‘Heat’, all over the streets of Los Angeles. Download the album below and indulge yourself in what many Left Coasters are considering one of the more surprising releases of the year.